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Gift Vouchers ~ Shellharbour City Print Shop

Updated: Mar 23

Transcript from Terry’s video (on Youtube) about Gift Voucher Printing at Shellharbour City Print Shop. (Gift Certificates / Gift Cards)

"Hello Internet,

Today I’m going to talk to you about personalised, customised gift vouchers.

We can, and do, print a lot of gift vouchers for local businesses. And we can print them in any style that you like, but I’ve found that the most effective way to do it is print into a cheque-book style like this one – ah not that everyone is going to know what cheque-book is these days. So it’s fixed into a booklet with staples at this end, the voucher is on this side, the stub is on this side and there’s a perforation through the middle. We’ve got numbering on the stub, numbering on the voucher. So obviously when you make a sale you record details on the stub, as well as on the voucher and then when the voucher comes back you can marry it back together so you can keep track of what your vouchers are doing.

We normally make these up into books of 20, or 50, vouchers per book. And we do it so when the voucher is torn on the perforation then the gift voucher that you give to the customer is about DL size so it fits nicely into a business size envelope.

If you’re already using vouchers and you want to upgrade to a sort of fancier style I guess, of vouchers books like these ones, then we can certainly can help you with that. We can, we will start our numbering off from where your last voucher finished off so your records should flow through pretty smoothly.

Something to keep in mind is when you order and when we print vouchers for you then we can also make you up some posters so you can (customised with your voucher on it) so you can put them up at your reception area, or your shop window or cash register or whatever so your customers know that you actually have gift vouchers available.

Now don’t worry if you are from outside the Shellharbour area. I know that we are called “Shellharbour City Print Shop” but we regularly deal with customers from Wollongong, Warrawong, Oak Flats, Albion Park, Kiama … anywhere around the Shellharbour area and way, way beyond.

So that’s all I’ve got to say about gift vouchers at Shellharbour City Print Shop. I find that it’s a fairly simple process for a very effective product.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon! "

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